“A voyage on an EUC is all about freedom in its most intuitive and unhampered form; hands free, without a remote controller or steering wheel.” ~ Sebastian Lastowsky, Poland” – Why We Glyde

Glydiators Inc is a non-profit organization whose goal is to empower individuals through transformative transportation. We believe that vehicles powered from more sustainable sources of energy are transforming mobility and is the inevitable future of transportation. Through micro-mobility solutions, the transformation of transportation brings an expanding opportunity for individuals to control how they move. Micro-mobility provides a fun source of recreation and creates new reasons for commuters to decide to leave their cars at home. Sustainable micro-mobility solutions in transportation could reduce dependency on mass transit and ride-sharing systems, and transform roads by reducing congestion from cars; thereby, decreasing the overall pollution that transportation contributes to our planet’s carbon footprint.

“The aspiring feeling of flying around my city and living in convenience is hard to pass up.” ~ Nate, TheGrandeurLife, Brooklyn, NY – Why We Glyde

As Glydiators, our aim is to key into the revolutionary shift in transportation technology by demonstrating, showcasing, and working to increase the power of individual custodianship and freedom in greener future by promoting micro-mobility vehicles as a viable transportation option. We accomplish this by connecting micro-mobility enthusiasts for fun rides and educational events in order to expand the entire micro-mobility riding community.

“As representatives and custodians of the micro-mobility community, we stand at the crossroads as guides shepherding society toward the future.” ~ Lutalo Madzimoyo, Washington DC

We are the Glydiators, and we are here to electrify the road ahead.