“My weapon of choice is the Electric Unicycle (EUC). As an avid motorcycle enthusiast, I am big on freedom. Like motorcycles, I derive a feeling from riding EUCs similar to how one might feel finally shedding their work uniform after a long, hard day on the job.” – Lutalo Madzimoyo, Founder and President, Glydiators, Washington DC 

“In Greek mythology, Achilles  was a hero of the Trojan War, the greatest of all the Greek warriors, and is the central character of Homer’s Iliad. He was the fiercest warrior but was fair and wisest. He picked and dictated his battles. His choice of weapon KalyNYC 2.0 skateboard.  It’s light power to weight ratio and the most maneuverable board ever made. Gilded as the first KalyNYC 2.0  made by Ernesto himself. He  travels all over to skate cities and  sack territorial mountains/ hills made for locals. His knowledge of the streets gave him advantage.  He is loved by all because there is an Achilles in all of us. We understand the passion”~ Achilles Aka Grand Master E, Washington DC

“Another electric unicycle, another empowered individual, reclaiming agency over our lives by rejecting the bygone notion of strapping into in tons

of metal and plastic merely to transport ourselves. On my EUC, I moot traffic and congestion while embracing a minimal footprint of space, energy consumption, and air pollution. We all stand just one wheel away from changing our lives and the world around us. Jump on, and never jump off.” ~ Jesse Garnier, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

“A voyage on an EUC is all about freedom in its most intuitive and unhampered form; hands free, without a remote controller or steering wheel. I ride my EUC daily; logging many kilometers. Regardless of weather or season a ride on an EUC unifies me with the surrounding environment in a way that is both exhilarating and unforgettable.” ~ Sebastian Lastwosky, EUC World Creator and Developer, Poland

“I love building electric skateboard. Having PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) in a city like NYC is the pinnacle of personal transportation because you get to travel to any part of the city faster than any cars or public transportation. And because I build my own electric skateboards i can ride them however hard i want. My most memorable moments was when i rode my board in a snow storm while everyone was trying to hide from it (the storm) its like i have the whole city to myself as a playground.” Nathaniel, NYCEBOARDING, New York

“What I wasn’t planning on was the feeling of total freedom that comes from an EUC; Allowing you to simply “move where you think!” There is nothing quite like an EUC, or the feeling that comes from riding one. On paper, it is one of the most practical options. but more importantly, it is something that simply “flows”, making getting anywhere fun. Fast forward to today, these wheels have come a long way… They are still compact and practical, but no longer need to be just a “last mile” solution. Now, they can be an “every mile” solution! Unless it starts raining of course, in which case I can still jump on a bus with it and stay dry. Nowadays, I ride more than I drive. I also go to and explore in places I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise, making me so much more in touch with my fun little corner of the world!” ~ Kevin Grimes, New Zealand

“My trump card vehicle and daily driver is the Electric Unicycle “EUC”. The aspiring feeling of flying around my city and living in convenience is hard to pass up.” ~ Nate, TheGrandeurLife, Brooklyn, NY

“I like to Esk8 because it gives me the freedom to travel through the city at a much faster pace. Whether using my Eboards for work or pleasure it’s always a great exercise and adventure. One thing I didn’t expect from this sport is the great friends and brotherhood one makes with other fellow riders. I highly recommend everyone try this sport of electric rideables for themselves, and to always wear safety gear when they do so.” ~ Anibal Apunte, Washington DC

“Riding EUCs is turning us middle aged men into kids again. Pure joy! How can you not fall in love with the feeling of flying or antigravity by hovering around your city  looking crazy on a one wheeled uni-bot?!?! Plus, How many Angelenos can say the favorite part of their work day is their commute? One wheeled bliss” ~ Rama, LA EUC Games, Los Angeles, California 



“It started as a novel, ultra-convenient and fun way to get around the downtown area where I live.  It has been all that and more. I save a lot on Uber and parking fees, and I now ride frequently just for fun and to explore new places.  Another big plus is all of the great people I’ve met and friends I’ve made in the EUC community.” ~ Jeff Brown, Baltimore Director, Glydiators, Baltimore, Maryland

“I ride an electric unicycle. Compact, powerful, long range and hands free! My body is the joystick. It gives me freedom, no traffic jams.” ~ Jean, eRide.ie, Dublin, Ireland 

“Driving a car can be isolating. An EUC, on the other hand allows me to see, hear, and feel the vibrancy of the surrounding environment during a riding excursion. The visceral experience of riding an EUC enhances my trip in a way that evokes the feeling of a bird in flight.” ~ Aian Neil Alilin, National Director, Glydiators, Washington DC

“My current ride of choice is my Modified Boosted V2 dual+… I chose this as my everyday commuter board as it gets me to  and from the train station with ease. If it’s a Weekend or after work ride then it’s my Kaly XL 2.0 for range. – Riding esk8 whether it’s to get to an ATM, lunch 2 miles away, or meetup for a group ride is one of the tech worlds little gems… Train goes out of service?… If your destination is within range no need to be a victim. Forget about waiting for a shuttle bus – grab your PEV and be out… Peace…✌🏿“ ~ B👀STEDO, Admin (OG) Founding Member NYCEBOARDING, NYC

“I originally got into riding EUC’s strictly as a way to commute and save money on the egregious transit fees, but ended up (immediately) falling in love with riding. I take my EUC out every single day, rain, shine or snow and just glide around as a form of therapy these days. When i ride, I’m free of all the stresses holding me down. I use it in my quiet city to relax but also in the city, quickly navigating the roads and paths. The flexibility is amazing and its absolute joy to hop on and ride! I hope others will get to experience this too! ~ Courtney Seage, T.O., Toronto Canada

”My vehicle of choice is electric longboard (Esk8).  Longboarding has been a important part of my life for the last 14 years and has been my main form of relaxation/meditation and transportation. Unfortunately In 2012 I suffered a knee injury that made the long distance high speed riding I loved so much almost impossible with a analog longboard. Esk8 relieved me of my restrictions and gave me back my freedom and sense of adventure and a lot of life time friendships. Discover your freedom!“ Diego-Martín, E-SkateT.O., Toronto Canada 🇨🇦

“I love my electric unicycle. Never thought I would see the day where I would be able to travel across multiple towns and back on one wheel. All this on a single charge. It’s also great to be part of a community base that enjoys riding with each other and sharing ideas on the uni’s. Can’t wait for the next season” ~ Mike Mack, Hartford CT