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“One thing I didn’t expect from this sport is the great friends and brotherhood one makes with other fellow riders.” ~ Anibal Apunte, Washington DC

Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) Product Type Range

“I moot traffic and congestion while embracing a minimal footprint of space, energy consumption, and air pollution. We all stand just one wheel away from changing our lives and the world around us. Jump on, and never jump off.” ~ Jesse Garnier, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA



Price Range $500 – $2900

Electric Unicycle (EUC)- An electric unicycle is a self-balancing personal transporter with a single wheel. Battery-powered, a EUC is an Eco-friendly mode of personal transport that can be operated for less than a nickel per day. The rider controls the speed by leaning forward or backward and steers by twisting the unit using their feet. The self-balancing mechanism uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to self-balance and control speed. Acceleration is achieved by the rider leaning slightly forward. Deceleration and braking is achieved by the rider leaning back. Although the learning curve for EUCs is slightly higher than hoverboards, electric skateboards or electric scooters, the payoff is easier portability, greater versatility, and increased range. Advanced models can travel as much as 60 miles between charges. The excellent range makes The EUC an excellent choice for an entire or last-mile commute. EUCs make the ideal commuter companion because the rider can maintain constant possession of the wheel throughout the day; the EUC can accompany a rider on public transportation and in commercial buildings. Unlike bicycles, EUCs never need to be parked and left unattended, which reduces the risk of theft or damage to the device. The commuter can use the convenient trolley handle supplied on most advanced models to stroll or tote the wheel into buildings. The EUC can be comfortably stored at the rider’s desk or workstation enabling constant possession of the device for the entire day at the office, or school. All-terrain capability combined with substantial power from up to 2000W motors and 1600wh batteries provides a significant range, speed, and grade climbing ability over a broad variety of surfaces. Although a niche device, EUCs enjoy strong support from a substantial and ever-widening base of loyal enthusiasts who have come to love the convenience, speed, versatility, and unique statement that EUCs make.

“If your destination is within range no need to be a victim. Forget about waiting for a shuttle bus – grab your PEV and be out… Peace…✌🏿“ ~ B👀STEDO, Admin (OG) Founding Member NYCEBOARDING, NYC



Price Range $450 – $3000

Due to their comparatively smaller size and lighter weight are more portable and convenient than E-scooters. The smaller size and lighter weight of Esk8 boards (7 – 15 lbs) make them more convenient than even dockless E-scooter rentals (24 – 40 lbs). Esk8 boards, very much like EUCs, are highly portable and can be carried by the rider into buildings and onto public transportation; making them excellent last-mile commuter devices. Once the higher learning curve is conquered, the 7 to 30-mile range capability across the broad model spectrum makes Esk8’ng a fun recreational hobby or effective last-mile travel option.


Price Range $250 – $1500

Scooters are rapidly becoming the Meilleur Choix of urban go-getters. Although comparable E-scooters are heavier, slower, lower range and less portable than their EUC counterparts, the low learning curve and affordable entry price make them a low-risk first time purchase for consumers entering the electric mobility market. A testament to the E-scooter phenomenon is the sheer number of the dockless variety available for rent for as a dollar in major urban centers throughout the country. Many models of E-scooters allow for humans, as well as battery operated propulsion.



Price Range $1000 – $7000

An electric bicycle (eBike) is essentially a bicycle with an integrated electric motor used for propulsion. E-bikes styles are numerous and range from those equipped small motor designed to assist pedaling to assist the rider’s pedal-power to those powerful enough to rival motorcycle scooters. E-bikes use rechargeable battery packs that can achieve speeds of up to 20 mph and over 30 mph in more advanced models. Depending upon local laws, e-bikes are a popular choice for many commuters. While they do not have the convenience of an EUC for example, the low learning curve and comfort on longer-range rides make them a favorite among many consumers.