This is an expedition that will push the body and your wheel to the limit. +100 miles each direction. We begin in DC at the Georgetown Waterfront Starbucks. From there we travel North along the C & O Canal Towpath for 100 miles exploring all the amazing sights and sounds along the Mighty Potomac River that include Great Falls, Paw Paw Tunnel, and the woods near Burkittsville MD where the groundbreaking cam movie the Blair Witch Project was filmed.

We will end our days journey in Hagerstown MD where we will join up with fellow Glydiators : Gary Lofton and Mike Wetzel who will be on a canal expedition traveling south. After lodging overnight (accommodations TBA) we will reverse route the +100 miles back to DC

This is an off-road expedition. The C&O Canal towpath is 100% unpaved. This expedition will require endurance. Your device will need to be able to carry you 30 miles over dirt and gravel terrain. There are plenty of open restrooms, AC outlets and water fountains. There are also restaurants along the canal to facilitate a lunch stop. We will generate a map showing those locations soon

A fast charger is highly recommended 3 amps of output current and above. We will stop at the 25, 50, and 75 mile points to recharge wheel and reduce body fatigue for the journey. This strategy will add 4.5 to 6hrs to the trip. Plan for a +12 hour journey in total in hot weather conditions as demonstrated from previous Glydiators 100 mile expeditions.

We welcome all groups and all PEV types to join us for a portion or the trip’s entirety. The C&O Canal is awesome and it is great to see whatever your vehicle allows. So please join us. You can drive up to one of parking areas in one of the towns along the canal and join us for a leg, or join us at the start for the first leg. You can also meet up with us in the same fashion on our return trip.

Bring the following items:
1. Water
2. Snacks
3. Chargers
4. Small first aid kit
5. Slime
6. Flashlight
7. Two way radio (optional)


August 29 - 06:00 am


August 30 - 08:00 pm

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/Glydiators/events/272226815/


Website: https://www.meetup.com/Glydiators/


3050 K Street NW

Washington, DC, US, 20007

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