“Being a Glydiator is ultimately about self-discovery, and the power to expand limitations by challenging preconceived notions about our abilities. Glydiator expeditions are about changing how we imagine what is possible” – Lutalo Madzimoyo, Glydiators Founder and President, Washington DC – Why We Glyde

Welcome to the Glydiator website. Glydiators is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation (federal tax exempt status pending). Our mission is to aid the integration of PEVs in society by showcasing their value as an environmentally friendly recreational, last-mile, and alternative commuter transportation option. We believe that empowering the individual to control their transport is an important part of a greener future. Here you find all the information that showcases the fun and function of our fabulous Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs).

“Riding EUCs is turning us middle aged men into kids again. Pure joy! How can you not fall in love with the feeling of flying or antigravity by hovering around your city  looking crazy on a one wheeled uni-bot?!?!” ~ Rama, LA EUC Games, Los Angeles, California –Why We Glyde

The PEV community is diverse comprised of riders from all walks of life, age groups, cultures, and countries around the globe. Riders adopt a varied range of PEVs of choice that include electric unicycles (EUCs), electric skateboards (Esk8), electric scooters (E-scooters), electric bikes (E-bikes), and one wheels (1Ws). Our site will serve as an informational hub for the PEV Community connecting these varied riders unified around one idea – Electrify the Road ahead.

“The visceral experience of riding an EUC enhances my trip in a way that evokes the feeling of a bird in flight.” ~ Aian Neil Alilin, National Director, Glydiators, Washington DC – Why We Glyde